Boo Nanners Designs

I'm a freelance designer, specializing in t-shirt and promotional work for independent wrestlers. I also create custom funko pops and figures. Check out my projects for examples of my work.

Boar of Moldova
The Carnies Collabs
Custom Figures
Percy Davis
Lil Artz
Jim Nye
Riot makers
AC Cocca
Design for AC Cocca
Miss April Jones
Shirt logo for Miss April Jones.
Jake "HeavyWeight" Jones
Gear and shirt logo for Jake Jones
Custom Funko Pops
Custom Funkos, made by me. Personal collection and commissions.
Tee Public
Designs past and present that I've made for my Tee Public page.
Dino Winwood
T-shirt design for indie wrestling personality, Dino Winwood.
Super Smash Brothers
T-shirt design for the tag team of Player/Evil Uno and Stu Dos/Grayson, The Super Smash Bros.
Romeo Falcon
Designs for indie wrestler Romeo Falcon and his podcast, Geeks & Wrestling.
Jervis Cottonbelly
Designs for wrestler Jervis Cottonbelly (retired designs)
Space Monkey
T-shirt design for indie wrestler, Space Monkey.
Championship Melt
T-shirt design for Championship Melt, the grilled cheese food truck run by Beyond Wrestling.
Monster Mafia
T-shirt designs for the tag team of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander.
Freddie Mercurio
Unused designs for indie wrestler Freddie Mercurio.
Jace Battle
Logo and t-shirt designs for the Grandfather of Strong Style, Jace Battle.
Unused design for indie wrestler Smiley.
Goat Brigade
Design for the now defunct tag team, The Goat Brigade.
Dick Justice
T-shirt design for indie wrestler , "Super Cop" Dick Justice.
Veda Scott
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Veda Scott.
Jester Hooligan
Design for future wrestling super-star, Jester Hooligan.
Chip Chambers
Promo photo art for indie wrestler Chip Chambers.
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Argus.
Will Noonan
Various designs for comedian Will Noonan.
Anthony Idol
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Anthony Idol.
Vlad Radinov
Fan requested design for Chikara ring announcer Vlad Radinov.
Joshi Island
Logo design for the Joshi Island podcast.
Jakob Hammermeier
T-shirt designs for indie wrestler Jakob Hammermeier.
Fight or Flight/Vaughn Vertigo
Designs for Vaughn Vertigo, and his tag team with Gabriel Fuerza, Fight or Flight.
Amasis (Desean Pratt)
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Desean Pratt, FKA Amasis of Chikara.
Thunder Frog
Unused design made for indie wrestler The Estonian Thunder Frog,
Super Beetle
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Super Beetle.
Ty Ray
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Ty Ray.
Boar of Moldova
Unused design for Chikaras' Boar.
Bee Boy
T-shirt design for indie wrestler Bee Boy. Exclusive North American/UK tour merch.
Team Sea Stars
Unused design made for the trio of Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo and Jawsolyn.
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